Footwear Supply

Monroe Optical, INC


Just like our eyewear specialist, our shoe trucks will travel anywhere in the state of Indiana, and even some out of state locations close to Indiana borders. The distance the truck will drive is dependent on the number of orders predicted. The truck will go as far as two states away from Indiana (Our base of operations) if enough of your employees need fitted. If you work for a factory or other company in need of safety footwear, please give us a call at 317-738-2511 or toll free at 1-800-999-1522 and ask about scheduling an appointment for the shoe truck. You can also email us at

Our trucks will come directly to your company and fit your employees on the spot. We have a MUCH larger selection than what is shown here on the website. We have shoes and boots for all of your safety needs: Soft Toe or Safety Toe, Waterproof, Non-Conductive, and other OSHA-specified options for whatever your company may require. Our trucks also carry footwear accessories such as laces, in-soles, and socks.